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See your doctor online via video consultation

With immediate effect we are offering online consultation for both current and new patients.

Now you can see your doctor from anywhere on earth or just from home.



Here is how your video consultation works

Make an appointment

Call the medical practice for a video consultation appointment. Your data will be collected – please have your insurance card ready.

Receive a PIN

We will send you an appointment and the access code* by e-mail or text message.

* The access code always only applies to one video consultation contact. For a renewed contact you will have to repeat the procedure.

Your appointment

A couple of minutes before the consultation begins, please open the link to the agreed appointment from your e-mail/text message (from CLICKDOC) and enter your name and the code you were sent.

Video consultation

Then please wait in the online waiting room until you are called into the virtual consulting room.

Your consent

For the video consultation your written consent is needed once. It must be available to us signed and before the beginning of the video consultation.

Please send the signed form to us:

If you are generally interested in video consultation, you can also take care of this in advance when you come to our practice next time.

See your doctor online – Your advantages

Simple Technology

Video consultation works best via your smartphone or tablet.

You can also use your PC or laptop with webcam & internet without additional software installation. The following browsers are most suitable: Google Chrome (preferred), Safari or Mozilla Firefox – Internet Explorer and Edge are currently not supported.

If you want to use additional advantages of CLICKDOC, you can also use the CLICKDOC-App.

Faster response times

Closer support of long-term patients and in case of acute problems. Online consultation is especially suitable for counseling, discussion of results, aftercare appointments or progress monitoring. However, it does not replace possibly necessary examinations at the actual medical practice.

Wherever you are

You can stay at home and still see your doctor. Speak to your doctor online from a place of your choice. Well suited for patients in rural areas with long journeys to the practice, or if you want to contact us from your vacation place.


What is discussed between doctor and patient needs special protection. For this, we use the certified CLICKDOC platform. Compared to other video conference services such as Skype or WhatsApp, CLICKDOC has therefore special security mechanisms preventing unauthorized third parties from listening in.

Data protection principles

Of course we do not record any images and/or sound of the video consultation – but the patient or a third person must not do this, either!