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Dear Patients

Welcome to our Hausarztpraxis am Anger in Erlangen

Dr. Onay-Ehrensberger

As our patient you are at the focus of our attention.

There is a tendency in today’s medical care to give very high priority to individual laboratory results, high-tech medicine and medical guidelines. In contrast to this trend, in our practice we want to provide individual and comprehensive medical care.

In treating you we want to include your needs and wishes as a patient.

This is my conviction and commitment and that of my whole team!


Yours sincerely,
Dr. Onay-Ehrensberger

Hausarzt Praxis in Erlangen am Anger

Your contact with family doctor

Dr. med. Esra Onay-Ehrensberger, specialist for internal medicine, and Christine Stahlberger, specialist in general medicine

General and internal medicine

General and internal medicine practitioners with a broad spectrum of primary healthcare, examinations and palliative medicine

Treatment of acutely and chronically ill

Careful establishment of medical history, comprehensive diagnosis and medical treatment through to palliative care

Family practice for general medicine and internal medicine in the centre of Erlangen – am Anger

Looking for a family doctor?

As general practitioners offering general medicine and internal medicine services we provide you with qualified GP care focusing on internal medicine services and diagnostics with state-of-the-art instruments and equipment.

Our objectives

Our objective is to accompany you on your personal journey through life. Preventive medicine and preventive medical examinations are the focal points of our practice. We also provide palliative medical care to alleviate suffering.

Practice profile

As general practitioners with many years of experience in internal medicine and general medicine we provide not only qualified family medical care but also a broad spectrum of internal medicine services and preventive medical examinations. We perform the whole range of cardiological examinations such as exercise and ambulatory ECGs, ultrasound examinations of the thyroid and abdomen, check-ups, and pre-surgery preparation.

Individual treatment

Your individual treatment programme will be discussed in detail and determined together with you. Apart from our state-of-the-art technical equipment, for us it is essential that we talk with you. You can conduct your appointments with us not only in German, but also in Turkish and English.

Other services: blood tests, vaccinations, skin cancer screening and more. Just ask us!