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Our BTX Applications

Specialist consultation for botulinum toxin therapy in Erlangen

We offer comprehensive botulinum toxin treatments, both to treat wrinkles and for use against bruxism (teeth grinding) or heavy sweating. Contact us and make an appointment for a BTX consultation at your Hausarztpraxis am Anger in Erlangen on +49 9131 – 97 97 260.



Heavy sweating does not have to be

Increased sweating is called hyperhidrosis, which can be treated with BTX. Heavy sweating on the palms of the hands and feet or under the armpits is often very unpleasant for those affected. Hyperhidrosis treatment with botulinum toxin can provide relief.


Do you grind your teeth?

Whether during the day or at night, some people unconsciously grind their teeth or clench their jaws. This phenomenon, also known as bruxism, can have many physical and psychological causes. For example, constant stress can cause and intensify teeth grinding. This “teeth grinding” can have serious consequences. They range from tooth damage to persistent, severe headaches and neck pain. Treatment with BTX can relax the overactive chewing muscle and reduce the negative effects.


Wrinkle treatment

BTX to smooth your wrinkles

Visible wrinkles are difficult to prevent from a certain age. These wrinkles often appear in the twenties due to the movement of the mimic facial muscles. The use of BTX can reduce these effects, as it weakens muscle activity. When treating frown lines, forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet, BTX is a good way of preventing the formation of wrinkles